Veeam exclude disks using PowerShell

When you have multiple jobs with many VMs it’s a boring task to change all the disk exclusions by hand. That’s why VEEAM have made a nice PowerShell module to automate this boring tasks.

Excluded disks are displayed with numbers, the numbers in Hyper-V are different (because of the IDE disks) then how the numbers are showed in VMWare.

Since Veeam 9.5 Update 4 the diskfilter mechanism in Veeam is changed.

Now we can report both.. SCSI Controller id and the Keynumber as we known earlier.
This means the PowerShell CMDLets also Changed.


Change diskfilter before 9.5 Update 4

See the current excluded disks and the numbers with this script (Run as Administrator):

Change the disks exclusions with PowerShell (Run as Administrator):

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