Task failed. Failed to expand object. Error: Object was not found

Task failed. Failed to expand object. Error: Object was not found

Change VM ID VEEAM database.
In my case I had to replace the old VM id with the new one.

There are multiple reasons why the VMID is changed. This can be caused by exporting and importing the VM for example. When this situation occurred you get the following error in VEEAM:
“Task failed. Failed to expand object. Error: Object was not found”

If you don’t want to add the new object and creating a new full back-up of the VM. You can change the VM ID in the database.

When this is done the forward incremental runs as before.

First we need to determine the OLD id where VEEAM is looking for.
This can be done with the following lines SQL Query against your VEEAM DB:

Get old object ID before Veeam version 9.5

Get old object ID Veeam 9.5

The following step is to get the new VMID from Hyper-V or VMWare.
With Hyper-V Virtual Machines Manager (SCVMM) PowerShell Module.

Run PowerShell as Administrator:

With VMWare can this be done with PowerCLI on the ESX host.
Excuse me when I’m wrong, but I think:

SQL Query:

Put the new ID by SET.
Put the old ID by WHERE.

*Tested with VEEAM Backup & Replication 8


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  1. HussainJune 16, 2016 14 // Reply

    Hi, I'm facing the same issue but its a bit different... VMs running on particular host cannot be backed up at all unless I moved to different host. All Patches are identical, all hosts are part of the same CSV cluster, but when VMs running on one particular host, VMs are not being backed up... Any thoughts..? Regards,

    • Rob VerheesJuly 12, 2016 14 // Reply

      Hello, Wich integration method you are using? The VMM, Hyper-v cluster or Standalone Hyper-v host mode? Greetings,

  2. Ken MabusMarch 16, 2017 15 // Reply

    This is not the same for Veeam9.5. Can you enlighten me? bo.object_name and bo.object_id are not in the bjobs table

  3. Rob VerheesApril 5, 2017 14 // Reply

    Hello Ken, Yeah you are right ive created a new query for Veeam 9.5. I will update this post as we speak.

  4. Vilmar JuroMay 9, 2017 12 // Reply

    With Veeam 9.5 I used this sql script to find old id SELECT Objectsinjobs.location, bobjects.object_id FROM BObjects INNER JOIN ObjectsInJobs ON ObjectsInJobs.object_id = BObjects.id where ObjectsInJobs.location like '%VMNAME%';

  5. ChandrashekarJune 2, 2017 13 // Reply

    Hi Rob Verhees, Could you please post the query for veeam 9.5. Thanks in advance.

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